Return on Investment (ROI)

GHubee Platform Subscription starts at $110.00 USD per month for its intelligent algorithms and automated workflows.

Calculating GHubee’s ROI is simple. Take into account transaction costs and estimate the increase in user adoption based on user feedback.

GHubee is a helpful tool that transportation software companies can use to optimize their systems and save time and money. With GHubee, companies can better understand their clients’ needs and focus on improving their user experience and design.


A transportation software company needed an automated workflow algorithm to take geocoordinates information from ELD devices and plot this into a map so customers could track a vehicle’s location in real-time.

With the GHubee subscription costing $300 USD/month the company could provide this new feature to customers, which added another 50 trucks to the software, each paying $30 USD per truck. This added $1,500 USD of monthly revenue and provided an ROI of

This represents an ROI of 400%

Estimate of return on investment (ROI) can vary according to the size of each project. GHubee’s ROI is attached to the solution’s adoption in each company. Contact GHubee team for more details.