Transportation and supply chain systems


With our data integration technology and intelligent systems, we deliver the best tools to improve trucking companies’ management and overall operations.


No coding skills are needed. Our team will support you. GHubee enables easy integrations using APIs, RPAs, and Service-Oriented Architecture, especially for trucking companies.


Use GHubee’s APIs, create your company’s APIs, or use your systems’ APIs.


Everything is made transparent to customers who don’t need coding skills, IT teams, or significant upfront investments.



Transform to grow and evolve. Now is the moment for dynamism and to think about how digital transformation changes work and companies and how to do it efficiently. Applying technology and implementing an ecosystem of digital services allows full integration between all your company’s systems.

Service Creation

In this New Economy era, companies must adapt their technological structures, evolve the organizational culture and transform the business. For this, integrations are essential, allowing rapid innovation without bureaucracy and the need for significant investments.

Make APIs Available

In an increasingly globalized market, companies connecting to the thousands of digital services available on the web become more competitive than others not doing so. Here, you can make your APIs available to companies seeking to implement integrations, allowing businesses to use information from different sources efficiently, safely, and inexpensively.

What GHubee can Integrate

Discover some products we can integrate into your systems, websites, or applications.