Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in Trucking Logistics Companies: “V”​ means Viable for the Client and the Customer

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MVP, short for Minimum Viable Product, is a small software deliverable intended to validate a hypothesis to solve a problem. Although “small” is relative in this conception, the timeline for an MVP’s design, development, delivery, and validation needs to fit within a small portion of the overall project budget. This means “V” in MVP means viable for the part supporting financial and human resources and for the part responsible for validating the deliverable.

By João Ricardo Gubolin, Chief Business Development Officer · January 19, 2023.


The client is the part responsible for covering the costs of a project. The customer is responsible for validating the MVP and judging if it has accomplished the goals proposed by the client. Before the project starts, all project stakeholders must align expectations with the client and customer. This ensures that deliverable and budget goals are met at the end.


Viable for the Customer means it accomplishes a tangible goal that will add value to an operation or reduce costs within a specific time period, increasing profits at the end. Viable for the Client means the project is within budget before, during, and after its delivery. This means the client is fully aware of all the financial and human resources required to deliver and support the project after implementation.


MVP is a valuable framework for projects that aim to solve a problem with a new solution or process. Trucking logistics companies must leverage this workflow for new software technology initiatives. This ensures that stakeholders are aligned with expectations and have a commitment to project deliverables and budget goals.

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João Ricardo Gubolin is the Chief Business Development Office of Ghubee.

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