Boost Trucking Logistics Operations’ Efficiency Using ELD Data

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ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) are essential hardware in trucking logistics operations. ELDs can generate lots of data about vehicles and drivers. However, most companies limit their information potential to standard reports and dashboards available in their ELD provider web portal. Moreover, how can companies leverage ELD data to boost trucking logistics operations’ efficiency?

By João Ricardo Gubolin, Chief Business Development Officer · January 13, 2023.

ELD Data

First, there needs to be a deep understanding of which data the ELD is capturing. In most cases, this is driver, hours of service, miles, vehicle position, speed, date, and time. Now there needs to be an understanding of where this data is stored. Most ELD providers have a web portal that makes this information available to companies. However, the standard reports and dashboards available are often limited to generic processes and workflows. To leverage ELDs’ data, companies need to find ways of making this data available to other algorithms. APIsRPAs, and Web Services are some tools that can be used to transfer data from ELDs to structured databases that can work this data more intelligently.

Using ELD Data to Gain Efficiency in Operations

After understanding the data being captured by the ELD, knowing where it is being stored and how it can be transferred to other means, companies can leverage it. The first step is understanding how this data affects decision-making and profit margins. For instance, what impact do gallons per mile, fuel prices, and fuel surcharges have on profit margins? Ultimately, a company needs to combine all this data and measure all its oscillations and impacts on profit margins across several business units.


Using technology to integrate data and make calculations to get key performance indicators allows companies to make quicker business decisions that ultimately maintain or increase profit margins. The alternative to this is having an entire department responsible for keeping track of all this data on spreadsheets and risking human error in the process. Trucking logistics companies need to take inventory and understand that the data they produce, when leveraged correctly, can improve operations’ efficiency.

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João Ricardo Gubolin is the Chief Business Development Office of Ghubee.

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