Simple Steps Trucking Logistics Companies Can Leverage Data to Increase Profits

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Nowadays, companies experience a digital environment with a growing number of startups and technology companies continuously expanding their products and services. Therefore, trucking logistics companies have many options of technology providers to choose from. However, how can they leverage their data before going after a new project?

By João Ricardo Gubolin, Chief Business Development Officer · January 04, 2023.

Trucking Logistics Companies’ Data Inventory

Trucking and logistics companies need to inventory all data they produce. Data is now one of the most critical assets companies have, and when used correctly, it can drive decisions to improve operations’ efficiency, cut costs, and increase profit margins. So, before any project starts, companies need to take data inventory of the workflow in question, its as-is and to-be. By doing this, they can leverage relevant information to ensure the project outcome will reach the company’s strategic goals.

Using Trucking Logistics Companies’ Data Inventory to Improve Operations

Employees’ assessments are workflows trucking logistics companies need to perform, not only from a compliance standpoint but also to improve operational efficiency. Companies can use data from different devices, systems, and portals to compile reports to improve this workflow. Then, they can compare them with industry and company benchmarks to enrich employees’ assessments, analyses, and comparisons.

After this first processes start, trucking and logistics companies must collect, store, manage and run continuous data analysis. This workflow, along with employee, client, and top management feedback, ultimately improves the company’s overall productivity and competitiveness in the market. This will then positively affect employees’ satisfaction as they now work in a more satisfactory environment with a sense of purpose that their work is aligned with the company’s expectations and goals.

Trucking logistics companies must use technology not as an end but as a tool to reach the desired end. More than digitization is required; businesses must combine it with their experience, industry standards, and day-to-day stakeholder feedback.

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João Ricardo Gubolin is the Chief Business Development Office of Ghubee.

Ghubee is a platform specializing in trucking logistics APIs, integrations, and intelligent systems. Our focus is to automate the communication-integrated systems of vehicles through next-gen networks, AI and machine learning, IoT, big data, cybersecurity, and 5G in the best possible way and at the lowest possible cost. Expanding a company’s culture to new technologies is necessary to remain in the current market. In addition to reducing costs and increasing productivity, integrating digital services into the organization’s systems is essential in the new economy. To schedule a free consultation, click here or visit

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