How to Define MVP in Trucking Logistics Software Projects

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A Minimum Viable Product – or MVP in short – is an initial, small, well-defined, meaningful, and timely deliverable product. MVPs become essential to Trucking and Logistics software projects in a turbulent marketplace with immediate, everchanging customer demands and expectations. Successful MVPs show that the IT team is aligned with the company’s management expectations, assuring further investment will be employed effectively and efficiently to deliver more business value. This article will break down aspects of an MPV to better understand its importance to a broader audience unfamiliar with software engineering.

By João Ricardo Gubolin, Chief Business Development Officer · January 3, 2023.

MVP for Trucking and Logistics Software Projects

With the constant pressure to reduce operational costs while maintaining profit margins with rising fuel costs and inflation, trucking and logistics software projects experience tighter and tighter budgets. Therefore, MVPs are essential in keeping information technology (IT) teams relevant and continuously focusing on increasing business value to each delivery. The MVP approach to every delivery will ensure the IT team and other stakeholders focus on the end goal of every initial, whether a project goal is to increase revenue or decrease costs. For example, suppose a project aims to deliver a new portal to automate a back-office dispatching workflow. In that case, top company management may be tempted to list all features and benefits the end solution will deliver. The role of a well-informed, business-value-oriented professional is to filter all information from that first brainstorming meeting and find out with your information background and gut feeling what can be delivered quickly and with the least effort possible that decision-makers can use and see some value in it. The goal is to show that the IT team is aligned with the company’s management expectations. Further investment will be employed effectively and efficiently to deliver more business value.


2022 has shown trucking and logistics companies how challenging and unpredictable the market can be. This year’s experiences brought even more pressure on IT departments for rapid responses regarding meaningful, timely, and business-value-oriented deliverables. Therefore, MVPs become increasingly essential to orient IT teams and decision-makers to employ resources more effectively and efficiently to ensure trucking and logistics companies’ software projects move towards achieving the business’s short- and long-term goals.

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 João Ricardo Gubolin is the Chief Business Development Office of Ghubee.

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