Alternatives to Trucking Logistics Accounting Software

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By João Ricardo Gubolin, Chief Business Development Officer · December 28, 2022.

Operations in trucking logistics companies often involve many complex workflows that differ from company to company. Examples include how companies do payroll, how they handle maintenance, and scheduling/dispatching. With all these complex elements involved, what adaptations can trucking logistics companies make to their current accounting software to have data integration and automation with low investment and quick deployment?

API Integrations

APIs are parts of software that allow easy exchange of information with other systems, acting like connectors. Trucking logistics companies can quickly and inexpensively connect software and integrate data between different sources using these connectors. There are platforms specialized in providing services to develop, maintain and customize APIs to existing or new trucking logistics software. Trucking logistics companies can utilize APIs to connect the various software used in the different departments of their operation with their existing accounting software.

RPA Automation

Robot Process Automation, RPA in short, is software created to perform a manual, repeatable, digital operation a person would typically perform. RPA exists in many languages and platforms. An example of RPA applied to trucking logistics is a robot that uses ELD logs and telematics information to compile drivers’ payroll. When applied by professional, experienced specialized companies, RPA allows inexpensive and quick deployments that result in business automation and a high return on investment. Trucking logistics companies can use RPA to cover specifics of their business that accounting software cannot cover with its default existing features.


Software technologies continue to evolve faster than current accounting software providers can keep up. Therefore, trucking logistics companies can alternatively use their existing accounting and operation software with new technologies to gain efficiency. This strategy brings trucking logistics companies closer to innovations and new technologies that can inexpensively and quickly improve operations, reduce costs and improve profit margins.

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João Ricardo Gubolin is the Chief Business Development Office of Ghubee.

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