I asked 300K+ Logistics/Transportation Stakeholders to Compare this Year’s Demand Volume to Last Year’s. Their response will surprise you.

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By João Ricardo Gubolin, Chief Business Development Officer · December 14, 2022

On November 25, 2022, I opened five polls in 5 social media transportation/logistics groups, most of them on LinkedIn. My intention with this poll was to understand how the overall stakeholders of that industry felt this year’s demand was compared to last year’s. The voting lasted for a week, and here are the results:


How has your experience of this year’s freight demand at your company been compared to last year’s?

(answer’s options)

Higher demand volume

Lower demand volume

About the same demand volume


Total poll audience: 338,195 (group members).

Total poll votes: 331 (group members who voted).

Higher demand volume: 110 (approximately 33.23%).

Lower demand volume: 169 (approximately 51.06%).

About the same demand volume: 52 (approximately 15.71%).


Despite most logistics/transportation media talking about a recession hitting the industry, this poll shows a different perspective. Almost half of the poll’s respondents (48.94%) have not experienced a lower demand volume this year versus last year.

The pandemic has increased overall freight demand. However, after restrictions started to loosen, logistics/transportation companies experienced mixed feelings. Is the decrease in demand related to a recession, or is it, in reality, a normalization of an odd movement caused by a never seen external factor?

I often see the positive side of every situation. Therefore, if the movement logistics/transportation companies experience is for the normalization of supply/demand, companies should plan next year’s operational capacity accordingly. The expectation shouldn’t be on the growing volumes seen over the past year but on going back to operational growth rates from 2019-2020. The goal of taking this perspective is to reduce the risk of an expansion in operations based on the premise that demand will grow next year as it did during the past year. Heads up and establish your expectations and decisions on reliable overtime company data and outside information from multiple reliable sources.

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João Ricardo Gubolin is the Chief Business Development Office of Ghubee.

Ghubee is a platform specializing in trucking logistics APIs, integrations, and intelligent systems. Our focus is to automate the communication-integrated systems of vehicles through next-gen networks, AI and machine learning, IoT, big data, cybersecurity, and 5G in the best possible way and at the lowest possible cost. Expanding a company’s culture to new technologies is necessary to remain in the current market. In addition to reducing costs and increasing productivity, integrating digital services into the organization’s systems is essential in the new economy. To schedule a free consultation, click here or visit https://ghubee.com.

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